The section with the rating of clans and the rating of cities has been supplemented and has become more informative. Enjoy the game!

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Friends! The Dungeon of Souls event will be launched tonight at 20:00 Moscow time.

Let me remind everyone what the essence of the event is:

During the event, you will have to fight the "Dungeon of Souls" object and recapture the souls of the fallen warriors from it. Keep in mind, "Dungeon of Souls" are very insidious and change their location immediately after they are defeated. The duration of the event is one week. At the end of the event, 10 players who will get the most "soul crystals" will receive valuable prizes. Also, this event is a great opportunity to replenish the stocks of the "Debris" material, the chance of them falling out when attacking the "Dungeon of Souls" object is very high.

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Dear users and guests of our project! We are glad to announce that today an update has been installed on the server, which has brought new functionality to our game.
The item crafting system has reached the release stage. In the forge and storage buildings, you can familiarize yourself with the new features. Crafting materials are mined from the havens of barbarians and caves of titans.
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The administration of the "Heavenly Wars" project congratulates all users and guests of our project on the New Year 2021! All the best to you friends! Be happy in the new year!
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Hello, friends!
New Year is on the doorstep! It's time to hold a new event that we have prepared for you.
The event is called "Happy New Year". During it, you will have to recapture some of the items that they brazenly stole from the Shelters of the barbarians.
The top 10 most successful players will receive a generous reward.
The event will start December 24 at 20:00 Moscow time.
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