About the game "Sky Wars"

Sky Wars is a browser-based multiplayer (MMO) game for all fans of fantasy multiplayer online games. "Sky Wars" is a browser game, which means that you do not need to install any additional programs on your computer to play it. To play Sky Wars, all you need is an internet connection and any modern browser.

The game takes place in a fantasy world called "Skyos". The world of Skyos is very beautiful, but dangerous at the same time! To capture the championship in it you will need a lot of effort. There will be many obstacles on your way to glory and greatness! Beginners and experienced players alike will love playing Skywars, a browser-based multiplayer (MMO) game for free!

When the Sky Wars browser-based online game starts, you will have at your disposal a city on a floating island. And your main task will be the success and prosperity of your city. To do this, you will need to improve your city, increase the power of your army in order to resist enemies and extract the necessary resources.

The game developers have done everything possible to make the game process as interesting as possible.